There’s a huge difference between thinking of getting a dog and actually owning one. Raising a dog has its challenges, but with the right guidance you’ll be successful at it and have a happy, healthy pup.

Dogs are great companions who make our lives more pleasurable. Here’s how you can return the favor.

Food is Life

If there is one thing your dogs will love you for (and one thing they also need to survive), it’s food. It’s easy to ignore the nutritional needs of your pup, but this is one of their most important needs. Take into account the type of nutrients he needs, and be sure to include treats.

In order for your dog to grow up healthy and live a longer life, give them food that meets their nutritional needs! For example, the diet of a senior dog may differ from that of a puppy. Senior dogs may have problems with chewing and/or digestion, so it’s more recommended to give them a soft or wet diet. You won’t be giving the same food to every dog.

Don’t forget to give dogs the right amount of food, too! Overfeeding your dog or giving them too many treats could lead to obesity, which could consequently trigger more health problems such as heart disease, renal problems, and more. Weigh your options when it comes to dog food to avoid these kinds of illnesses — and if you don’t exactly know what foods are best for your dog, it’s a great idea to ask the opinion of your vet! Read full post at Animal Foundation…

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Give Your Dog a Name and Identity

Be sure to name your pup early. You may take time to get to know his personality and then name him aptly. Additionally, make sure he gets a tag so that you can always find him should he get lost.

Dog-Identification Tags are important. Nothing else matters when your dog is lost. Taking a few simple steps when she first comes home can save everyone heartache later. The right tag can get your dog back home where he belongs in a matter of hours. Here we discuss the best methods of providing identification for your dog. We will also discuss some identification options that you may not have heard of. Did you know that some dog owners tattoo their dogs with vital identification information? How about microchip implants? Regardless of the method you choose, we will also tell you how to register your dog’s identification. Read full post at How Stuff Works…

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These tips are important when it comes to caring for your dog. That said, here’s what you should not do:

Do Not Label Your Dogs Negatively

This is one of the things you should not do. Do not call your dog a “bad dog.” Instead, reward him when he behaves in the right way. This is called positive reinforcement:

This is one of the worst things a dog guardian can do. Dogs who are labeled bad dogs or have so-called bad behaviors are usually dogs who haven’t had the time put in with training and exercise. If a dog exhibits unwanted behaviors (not bad behaviors), it’s because they haven’t been taught what it is that you do want.

When dogs express unwanted behaviors like jumping on people or furniture, mouthing you, barking, pulling on the leash, etc., they are expressing some kind of anxiety or frustration.

What can you do? Take the time to teach the wanted behaviors along with exercise, which will go a long way to setting a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect. Read full post at Dogster…

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These are just some of the basics of caring for your new dog. Be sure to treat him like part of the family and you will enjoy your new life with your amazing companion.

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