It is generally accepted that English Crème Goldendoodles are among the most gentle and relaxed of the Goldendoodle family. These dogs are exceptionally smart, gentle and healthy with a wonderful temperament.

The English Crème doodle derives its heritage from the European Golden Retriever lineage as opposed to the American Golden Retriever lines. There are some unique differences among the European Golden Retrievers and the American Golden Retrievers even though both kinds are under the umbrella of “full bred Golden Retriever.”

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Get to know the English Goldendoodle by discovering a few of its distinguishing characteristics listed below.

Trait differences. These differences have stemmed from the differences between the European or UKC standards in breeding vs. the AKC breeding standards. Essentially, when specializing in breeding for show, the breeder aims to breed parent dogs that will showcase the ultimately desired “look” that the show ring demands for each breed. The American English Crème Golden is considered to be a bit lankier than the European lines which are heavier set and carry slightly more weight.

The UKC ring additionally carries a broader color spectrum. This is where the gorgeous ultra-pale cream color originates from. Therefore, English Crème Goldendoodles are famous for their light cream to bright white colored coats. Their coats tend to be fuller and plusher in comparison to the American lines. English Crème’s additionally are shorter in stature and have larger bone structure; resulting in broader dogs. Their heads and muzzles are wider in comparison to their American “cousins.”

What is a “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodle? The very first Teddy Bear Goldendoodles were bred in Alabama. They have become exquisitely popular since their inception. Their name depicts the boxy shape of their “Teddy Bear” heads which is a result of breeding with the European lines.

Temperament. English Golden Retrievers have a reputation of being even mellower than their American counterparts. Therefore, the English Crème Doodle is considered to be one of the most laid back within the Goldendoodle family. They socialize easily and enjoy being around small kids. If you want a dog that will go with the flow and seamlessly fall into step alongside your family, the English Crème Goldendoodle is an excellent pick.

Amazing service dogs. These highly intelligent and loving dogs make ideal Assistant, Service, Companion and Therapy dogs. They are specifically wonderful for working with children. People of all ages with special needs or disabilities have been able to rely on these gentle spirits to help them with their daily tasks. Extremely well-tempered, they are resilient in times of stress and offer love and care for their humans.

Are these hypo-allergenic dogs? So many families have sadly had to relocate their pets due to unforeseen allergies. Many people want to have a dog but are worried about health and respiratory concerns such as asthma. Being able to welcome a non-shedding dog into your life can breed entire new possibilities of enjoying a four-legged companion once again. It is possible to have an awesome family dog!

Life expectancy. Life expectancy ranges from approximately 13 to 15 years.

Exercise requirements. These dogs thrive on a moderate amount of exercise. They want to be a part of the action. They make excellent companions for all of your family outings.